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Industrial X-ray is in used SMT, PCB / MLB, semiconductors, electrical and electronic components, die casting, etc. Recently, the demand is steadily increasing due to the increasing trend of quality standards and increasing demands for performance improvement. This is especially relevant to the times when the need for automatic X-ray inspection is growing, especially in the mobile, semiconductor, LED and electric vehicle related parts industries.
An industrial X-ray is an image obtained by acquiring a cross-sectional image and examining it. The X-ray can determine the degree of defectiveness, the CT can detect the exact position of the defect, and detailed data such as defect size, depth, and area can be obtained.
In the conventional sampling test, even if there is no defect, all the products produced are not completely because not surprisingly we did not scan all products. However, recently, consumers are increasingly demanding for perfect quality, and as a result, the quality standards of the company become strict. As a result, overall inspection is becoming common rather than sampling inspection focusing on smartphone, precision electronics and automobile industry. In-line inspection means that all components are inspected in real time on the production line, not the sampling inspection, and the automatic inspection program can determine whether the product is defective or not.
The advantage of X-ray is that we can see the inside of the part or the product that we could not see with the past inspection equipment. X-ray inspection is a non-destructive inspection method that can be tested without destroying or deforming samples, samples, or products, so it is popular in the industrial field. In particular, CT equipment is expected to provide more data such as the size, location and area of defects as well as the presence or absence of defects.
The CT equipment is not a device that inspects only for defects in samples, products, and parts. It is possible to analyze the position, shape, area, type, etc. of defects and to store and manage the data, thus improving the manufacturing system on the manufacturing site. It is the best solution in the manufacturing field that can identify defects and advance.
In the past, there were differences in performance and technology between Korean and foreign products. But in recent years, there has been no difference between Korea's and foreign's because technological development and continuous R&D. Rather, during the last two years, Techvalley equipment has been exported overseas and is showing its value. The image of the captured image is comparable to that of foreign countries, and the image processing technology is already in the world level. On the other hand, the price is 25% ~ 30% lower than that of foreign equipments, so it is advantageous in terms of equipment purchase and maintenance, so Korean large companies and SMEs also prefer Techvalley equipments.
Techvalley is the first-generation professional company that started R&D of industrial X-ray for the first time in Korea. That's why we are ahead of any other company in technology and more than 50 X-ray related patents (registration and filing) prove it. Korea's leading experts in X-ray field have not stopped research and development. In particular, we are the first and the only company in Korea to operate a radiation image R&D team to develop all S/W related to X-ray including automatic reading S/W . In particular, AXI (Automated X-ray Inspection) system of Techvalley will be a test instrument optimized for smart factory construction and will contribute greatly to customers preparing for the era of manufacturing innovation industry 4.0.
Techvalley has delivered about 800 equipments to global company, research institutes and R&D center, etc.
There are Samsung Electronics, Samsung Techwin, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, LG Chem, LG Innotek, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Korea Defense Science Institute, Yonsei University, Suwon University, Hanyang University, etc.
All equipment in the Techvalley is inspected by the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS) from the design stage to the production and delivery stage. In addition to perfecting the shielding for radiation shielding, it is manufactured only by adopting the double safety device and it is verified that there is no risk of radiation exposure before delivery is made. Radiation measurements during actual equipment operation are the same as those in daily life, so there is no risk of exposure to radiation.
Things to consider when introducing equipment include usability, convenience, efficiency, and durability. Everyone must be easy to learn, easy to use, fast, and accurate. Also, it should be durable enough to be semi-permanently usable. You must also consider the supply and cost of consumables and other parts that require regular replacement. With this in mind, we can successfully operate X-ray inspection equipment. For this reason, many companies and small businesses chose Techvalley.
If you would like to contact us, please contact us at the Techvalley representative number. If you need a visit, we will arrange a schedule after consultation and send you a quotation after sufficient consultation.
It usually takes 8~12 weeks depending on the products.
The A/S is basically free for one year (12 months), but the terms and contents may differ depending on the contract conditions. Techvalley is made up of the best X-ray experts in Korea and strives for the fastest possible A/S.

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