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Patent Status

The best technology proven by the patent

1 Method and apparatus for realtime displaying ofinclination data
2 Method for controlling X-ray tube
3 Assembling frame of X-ray tube
4 X-ray tube 1
5 Cooling member of X-ray tube
6 X-ray tube 2
7 X-ray tube with a plurality of target
8 X-ray analysis apparatus having tension providing means
9 Method for detecting dead pixel of xray device
10 Position modification jig for voxels of ct apparatus
11 Table module of X-ray analysis apparatus
12 X-ray analysis apparatus
13 X-ray analysis apparatus having shutter device
14 Helical ct apparatus
15 Portable xray device having xray shield structure
16 Electron gun having electrode suporter and X-ray tube having the same
17 cooling apparatus of X-ray tube
18 Variable slit apparatus for X-ray analysis device
19 X-ray analysis apparatus having confirm means for location of object
20 X-ray detector having cooling method
21 X-ray image acquision method using a splitter prism or mirror
22 Slit member for X-ray analysis device and manufacturing method the same
23 Rower transmission of orthogonal axes using friction drive
24 High-speed X-ray analysis system
25 X-ray detector having cooling space
26 Reduction apparatus of revolution using friction drive
27 X-ray inspection system and method for plate-shaped device
28 X-ray analysis apparatus having shield
29 X-ray analysis apparatus having variable shield
30 Counting system and method for reel tape of semiconductor
31 Counting method for tape reel of semiconductor and display system using the same
32 Counting apparatus for tape reel of semiconductor
33 Aligning device of reel tape and counting apparatus for semiconductor having the same
34 Registration method for tape reel of semiconductor and display system thereof
35 Driving means of XRD apparatus having worm gear
36 XRD apparatus having precision drive device using worm gear
37 Small angle X-ray scattering system
38 Small angle X-ray scattering apparatus with tube align means and method for adjusting X-ray beam using the same
39 Slit control system of X-ray
40 Apparatus alignment of beam stopper
41 X-ray analysis apparatus having positioning means
42 Portable xrf apparatus
43 X-ray tube using pulse input
44 Cooling structure of X-ray tube having thermoelectric element
45 Transfer and measuring devices of Ingot
46 X-ray Diffractometer equipped with a curved detector
47 XRD equipped with angle encoder
48 Moving stage for sample analyzer
49 Sample stage with heating device
50 Measurement device for small-angle and large-angle X-ray scattering
51 X-ray Diffraction


1 Certificated ISO14001:2015 (2020)
2 Selected as a military service company
(Military Manpower Administration, 2015)
3 Selected as a promising export SME
(Ministry of SMEs & Startups in Korea, 2104)
4 Certificated CE(240kV 3D CT) (2009)
5 Certificated CE(TVX-IL1105/1630/2205, 2009)
6 Certificated ISO9001:2000 (2008)
7 Certificated KSA9001:2001 (2008)
8 Selected export promising company
(Government in Gyeonggi-do, 2007)
9 Selected promising company (by IBK, 2006)
10 Selected INNO-BIZ (2005)
11 Certificated Venture-company (2005)
12 Company affiliated research institute certification (2003)
13 Selected as Top 50 company by Venture Korea (1999)


1 Prize awarded $5Million Export Tower on the 56th Trade Day (President, 2019)
2 Prize awarded $3Million Export Tower on the 54th Trade Day (President, 2017)
3 Prize awarded $1Million Export Tower on the 52nd Trade Day (President, 2015)
4 Prize awards (by IBK) (2014)
5 Commendation of excellent company by Hanwha (2013)
6 Prize awards (Minister of knowledge economy, 2012)
7 Awarded by Minister of Commerce Industry and Energy (2007)
8 Awarded by Minister of Science and Technology (2005)
9 Prize awards (Minister of science & technology, 2002)
10 1st Young Front Awards (Seoul economic newspaper & media, 2002)
11 Silver awards (Int’n invention competiton Geneva in 2001)
12 Grand prize of LA Int'n invention fair in USA (2000)
13 Gold prize of LA Int'n invention fair in USA (1999)
14 Silver prize of Korea invention fair (Korean Intellectual Property Office, 1997)

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